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[Social] Network Participation, Precipitation & Business Synergy

Everywhere you look there are references to networking, social networking, success, and their overall ties to personal and professional progress.  It is interesting to see how a concept so fundamental in nature and origination – that has been around since the beginning of man – consistently becomes rebranded as the new light in such a dire atmosphere.

Image Credit: Maistora

Image Credit: Maistora

Everyone is theorizing new ways of integration; this is where the ubiquity of technology enters play.  Even in recent years, conventional business practice prevailed, and the majority of business marketing was push, not pull.  I find it ironic though, that the same companies that have spent thousands to millions in marketing dollars to gain the enterprise product level exposure they desire.  Yet, as trends of the nineties and current decade avail, we no longer live in a cookie cutter product/ solution society.  Individualism and the customer is always right supplanted over the baseline of businesses bringing products and services to market has created a whole new relationship between the customers and businesses.

Such great examples range across the board, Seth Godin’s  Tribes, but more importantly, his new approach with Flipping the Funnel, Chris Brogan’s Small Powerful Network, the rules and application of Jim Collins’ Built to Last, and so on.  These are recent and semi recent examples that address the historical evolution just as I described; universal concept, modern branding, better internal work processes and adaptation.  The result?  Social networking has now become the supernova of the marketing.  More recently Brogan wrote an article about getting back to the desk, I love it.

It’s now time to bring everything back in.  Synchronicity and synergy both inside and out.  2010 Web/ “Web 3.0” and so on…  Remember the good ol SWOT Analysis?  Well fast-forward to the 2010 web, and how brick and mortar busines is no longer brick and mortar business.  It’s time to get connected. Everywhere.

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